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Build your own community
With the Talking Communities Community Builder, you can have your own community up and running within minutes. The out-of-the-box solution means there is almost no setup time. Just choose a community name and start promoting your link. Best of all, there is no limit on the number of rooms you can have in your community!
Web 2.0 Technology
The current trend on the Internet is user-supplied content and networking. The Community Builder brings you the best in this trend integrated with cutting-edge VOIP technology for voice-enabled community chat rooms. All communities are 100% accessible to blind users.
Locator - Who's on page
The community contains a locator page which instantly shows how many people are in each room and who they are for all members, making it easy to find their friends who are online and connect with them in a voice-enabled chat room.

The Talking Communities Community Builder combines Web 2.0 technology with the increasing popularity of VOIP voice conferencing in a community-based product. This turn-key solution can have you up and running with your own voice-enabled community in just minutes. Administrators of the community have full control over the content and membership.

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